Thursday, July 30, 2015

Software as a Service

We have taken the plunge, and decided to offer Software as a Service in addition to our full purchase (Own it) option.

For years we have sold our software as a stand-alone solution, added to your web site, with all the data and customization made on your server. We still feel this is the “best” solutions for customer, to get the best value and have 100%  control over your software solution.

But recently, due some customers selecting to build web sites on “ Closed System” (WIX, Square Spaces, etc.), we felt that offering a solution  that addresses these customer’s needs was important.

Software as a Service will have a startup fee and a monthly rental fee. Fees will be depend on the version (Fly Fishing Reservations / Management System, Ski Rentals, etc.). Sample cost might be a $200 startup with a $50 a month rental fee.

The software will run on our servers and customer will access it by clicking  on links from the your site. When the client lands on the booking page, it will match your web site and client won’t notice they left your site and landed on a new one.

We can fully customized the sites to match all your special request (The startup fee covers this work). All customers will checkout 100% using your credentials (or other gateway), so all the monies go directly back to you in the normal time frame.

If you looking to get your “online booking” solution jump started, look at software as a service for a fast, low cost solution.

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