Thursday, October 15, 2015

Better customer service?

We all know how important customer service is in today’s competitive market.

Utilizing surveys to give your customer a chance to “speak out” might be an easy solution to improve your customer service. We all know the major hospitality chains automatically  send you a survey asking about your stay. Do we have to have it limited to only a hotel stay? Why not see if your customer that took a raft trip, or rented  skis in your shop, etc. enjoyed their experience?

Every customer contact is an opportunity to improve your relationship. Why not send an automated email asking for their opinion by clicking a survey link? Maybe include a “Like us on FaceBook” link in the email or on top of the survey page?

Survey response will vary and will typically be a ‘low” number (.05% to 5%). But one thing we know, a disgruntled customer will respond if given the opportunity. This is an OPPORTUNITY to manage a problem, and turn an unhappy customer into a happy customer. You will also have a lot of responses from super happy customer.

We have one creative customer(a fly fishing guide operation), is tracking 1 question (Please rate your overall experience with your Guide?) over all guides for the year, and offering a bonus to the guide that has the best rating at the end of the year.

Survey systems are a great way to improve your customers service for little or no investment.

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