Monday, January 4, 2016

Your customers are "Hungry"

We all like to eat.

Now we have made it simple to allow your customers to “add a lunch” order to the trip (fly fishing, snowmobile, kayak, jeep tour, etc.).

Add the LUNCH module and you can “wow” your customer and show them you care about what they want.

The system is easy to use:

·      ·           You build your own menu (copy from your local restaurant, café, etc.)
·         Select what trips are eligible to have lunch (See how easy HERE)
·         When the customer books a trip and it has lunch included, they have a link in their email (click HERE to see the link in the email)
·         When the customer clicks the link, they are given the menu and a location to add a selection, bread choice and notes (See the menu sample HERE)
·         You can add a Guide Lunch too
·         You can also add your customers lunch selection directly from the reservation page (see HERE how to add lunch)
·         The night before, our system will put together a LUNCH report for the next day, and auto emails it to your restaurant, café. Etc.

A complete and easy to use system that can be added to any reservation module.

Your customers are hungry, go feed them.

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